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About Perfume Oils

Perfume oils are fragrance components, natural or synthetic, in an oily base rather than an alcohol base, and can be used directly on the skin

Below are some of the benefits of using perfume oils over alcohol based perfumes:

You get it at the fraction of a price (Super Cheap.)

The standard designer perfumes recover the cost of expensive and fancy bottles from a consumer where the only thing that should matter is the fragrance.

The cost that an average consumer pays for a perfume brought from the store typically includes the cost of the Bottle, Packaging, marketing costs, corporate overheads, hefty commissions, etc. The actual cost of the fragrance is very less, just like soft drinks.

Whereas when you buy from our website, you get a 95 to 99% similar fragrance at the fraction of the cost.

Longevity - Perfume oils normally lasts longer

The perfume concentrate in perfume oil is far stronger and undiluted than the standard alcohol-based eau de toilettes and perfumes, which contain only a small amount of true fragrance diluted with alcohol and other chemicals.

Oil gets absorbed wherever it is applied and stays , whereas many standard perfumes are actually better applied to clothing for longer wear as fabrics give them something to cling to.

They’re less likely to be irritating on skin.

It goes without saying that the alcohol and other chemicals in most perfumes can be irritating and drying to the skin. Those with dry skin often complain of irritability when wearing scent because of how quickly it dries and dissipates.

Oils, on the other hand, are moisturizing, which not only helps them to last longer but also makes them suitable for any skin type.

They’re less overpowering.

It’s true that the higher concentration in oil fragrances often makes them smell stronger and richer, but they’re less likely than alcohol-based perfumes to leave behind a sillage or trail. If you’re sensitive to overbearing fragrance that feel like you’re walking around in a cloud of scent, oils are the perfect solution. They stay close to the skin and radiate outward thanks to the warmth of your pulse points, but you’ll feel like you’re wearing a scent rather than having a scent wear you.